Yes, another pressure cooker recipe. Guess what? I love that thing. I always have. I always will. It’s quick and it’s easy. This recipe is too.

While chops are not usually my go-to meat,  I do like them.  Not the way mom used to cook them, all baked up and dried to hell and back. But when they’re tender, fall off the bone deliciousness…I like that.  That’s what this recipe is, and with very minimal ingredients. You know you dig that. The taste is kinda sophisticated too, and that’s due to the gravy. The gravy. G. R. A. V. Y. Gravy makes the world go round.

So let’s give this a whirl. I’ll tell you what’s in it and you can pick up the ingredients on your way home from work.


2 lbs of chops, any kind you want
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon peper
2 tablespoon flour
3/4 cup broth, I like chicken
1 medium cabbage chopped

Salt and pepper your pork chops on both sides. Set your electric pressure cooker to brown and add a little bit of oil. When the oil is hot brown the chops on one side only. When brown, remove and add just a tad of broth to the pot and stir about to deglaze.

Add the chopped cabbage and lay the chops on top, browned side up. It’s okay if they overlap. Pour the broth over the top. It may not look like enough liquid, but believe me, that cabbage will release an enormous amount.

Set your pressure cooker to 12 minutes on high. Let the pressure come down naturally. When the pressure has come down, carefully open the lid. Remove the chops and cabbage to another dish. See all that liquid? Set your pressure cooker to simmer. (Sometimes I set it to brown for faster hotness)
Slowly add your flour to the liquid and whisk away. Once your flour is incorporated, simmer until it reaches your desired thickness.

Pour gravy over chops, cabbage, or everything in sight! Enjoy!

**Note: So your gravy is lumpy. Don’t even worry about that. Just whip out your immersion blender and blend the crap out of it. If you had too many cabbage bits left in the liquid for your liking, don’t worry about that. Blend it up. That’s what I do.

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